The Kitchen Experts

Kitchen renovations, made easy.

Whether you're building new or looking to renovate your kitchen with an IKEA® kitchen, The Kitchen Experts are the premier kitchen installers in London and surrounding region.

IKEA® Kitchen Design

If you've reached a point of frustration with planning your IKEA® kitchen - trying to figure out the best layout, we can help! 

IKEA® Kitchen Assembly

If you've ever purchased anything from IKEA® and recall scratching your head at the diagrams and parts, we can help!

IKEA® Kitchen Installation

If you don't have the time to install an entire IKEA® kitchen by yourself or simply want to avoid expensive mistakes, we can help!

Tony Canli

Tony is an expert craftsman with an extensive background in the renovation industry.

Sam Canli

Sam is a perfectionist and works with clients to ensure each project is completed smoothly.

Adam Canli

Adam relies on his engineering background to help clients transform their spaces.

Need help on a project?

The Kitchen Experts team provides exceptional service. They have great ideas for how to make your kitchen beautiful and also functional for your particular needs.

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